You are about to enter the haunted house of Elorri street, now try to find the way out before losing all your temperance and beware of the ghosts!

Tell me, is it that easy?

Up - Up Arrow / W  
Down - Down Arrow / S  
Left - Left Arrow / A  
Right - Right Arrow / D  
A - Alt / Z / J  
B - Ctrl / K / X  
Start - Enter  
Select - Shift  

Made with GB Studio, using code by Fernanda Shimada (3D Maze):

The assets are made using photos to a Lego set taken with GameBoy Camera.
Original music by Dj Yuju!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authordizdiz edizioak
Made withMilkyTracker, GB Studio, Piskel
TagsDungeon Crawler, Game Boy, gameboy-camera, gb-studio, labyrinth, maze
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions file is the ROM playable on a gameboy using flash cart, or with an emulator.


Download 1 MB


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So admittedly I had a hard time with this one, but I blame myself for forgetting how maze games work. The movement is basically like tank controls, you only move forward, while left and right just rotate you in whatever hall or room you're standing in. Took far too long for me to figure that out, haha.

All in all I had a lot of fun in this one! A short title, a good amount of challenge, but obviously I had a main reason for giving it a try; Those Graphics! I ADORE the creativity behind using Lego models to create the environment! And reverse-engineering a gameboy camera to take them was the icing on the cake,this honestly could have been a game 30 years ago using this exact method. I'm so bummed I don't have a flash cart just yet, I so badly want to dust off my old GB and play some of these!

Very well done! I know this is from a few years ago, but I'm giving you a follow in case you ever make more Gameboy Pseudo-Lego titles. Keep up the good work!

Amazing. I love the graphic style. What a creative way to do the graphics btw. It doesn't looks like Legos.

And yes... the game is a bit easy, I guess because the map show us all the way.
Maybe showing only explored areas will make it more challenging.

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pure genius

i really loved this game

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The idea with the gb camera is pure gold, nice  work!

Thank you!

Interesting! I like the idea of using the GB Camera - kind of reminds me of games that use pre-rendered backgrounds, and it's much better than most of the pixel art I've been working on. What gadgets did you use to get the photos from the GB Camera onto GB Studio?

Thank you! I'm using a cartridge reader - writer from InsideGadgets, it can transfer the pictures to computer. But I haven't use yet to write roms to a cartridge.

The graphics were made with a lego set for the photo? Well you did a great job at it, looks realistic.

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Thank you! some of the advantages of very low resollution... why allways HD, 4k? sometimes GB camera can be useful!