A downloadable soundtrack

RPG  soundtrack, the action of the game happens in Iturribide and Prim streets of Bilbao. Made for Iturfest, presented in a carboard-made arcade machine at 2 heavy metal bars of the area. When presented it was silent, so now it has a soundtrack. Music by Dj Yuju!

1.- La senda de los elefantes
2.- Voy a acabar piripi ("Platanero y tú" cover)
3.- La noche de Bernabé ("Lenho" cover)
4.- Fábrica Paragüería Bilbaina (BONUS)

*1, 3: programmed with FakeSID android app
*2: analog and modular synths
*4: is a Bonus track, it was started before the Jam.


Iturribideko Misterioa S.B.O-DJ YUJU!.zip 13 MB

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